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If you’re a CXO, VP, or Director of a mid-market industrial company with operations in China, you may know first-hand what it’s like to try and attract top-notch executives to your company - say a really capable CEO China or a savvy Finance Director. MNCs with their deep pockets suck up all the sharpest talent. If you’re not resourceful and lucky, you end up with leftovers - you lose out to the big players - and that makes your life tougher than it has to be.

So how do you solve this problem?

That’s where Palio comes in. Every year, we partner with only 9-10 mid-market B2B companies active in China. We work nose-to-nose with their leadership to attract, hire and retain game-changing senior talent for China. Together, we solve their biggest China hiring problems, so they can hit their numbers, grow their businesses. 

Unlike virtually all other recruitment firms in China, we do NOT work on a volume model. We limit the number of searches we conduct every year to ensure that our clients' receive the outstanding quality of service they have come to expect from Palio. 


MIchael Whelan Edit Blurred BG.jpg

Michael Whelan


  • 25+ years’ senior executive recruitment experience in 13 countries across Asia

  • Focused exclusively on US and European middle-market industrial companies in China/Asia

  • Many successful high-performance, high growth, A Player placements in China/Asia at the CEO/President/VP/Director level

  • Rated by clients:

    • Quality of process:  98.1%

    • Quality of candidates:  95.2%

    • Speed:  95.0%

    • Cost / value for money: 100.0%


  • 37+ years working, studying, living in China/Asia

  • Native English, conversational Mandarin


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