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How You Can Recruit Outstanding Leaders in China/Asia


This is the intro to a series of short videos - showing you how you can use the same techniques I use every day to dramatically improve your senior leadership recruiting results in China and Asia, and in turn, positively impact your business results in China and Asia.

Before You Start - What's the Scale of the Challenge You Face?


It is vitally important that you get your head around the scale of challenge you are facing. It is much bigger than you realize. Once you know the dollar impact recruiting a really great leader will have on your business, you'll be in a much stronger position to assign this task the correct priority… sorry about the hand (a left-handed giveaway!)

Ditch Your Job Description For a Scorecard - and Never Look Back


Ditch your JD and replace it with a much better tool -- a weighted scorecard.  Simple to set up and use, much more effective for defining what you really want to accomplish, and for cutting through to finding the people who can really deliver.

Your Scorecard - Swiss Army Knife and Map


More on how you set up and use a weighted scorecard as your core document in your's a multi-purpose tool and for prospective candidates, it’s the first half of the success formula for the role.

Put a Crimp on the Number of Decision Makers


Limit the number of Hiring Decision Makers to keep your search process simple, clean and effective.

Now Add Rewards to Your Success Formula


Adding a reward system to your scorecard gives you the second half of the success formula for this role. Designed correctly, it completes the equation every top performing candidate must have – 1) what do you want done? and 2) what will you pay to reach or surpass those objectives? In order to be interested in your proposition.

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