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I’ve seen our China business grow 92% from 2007 to 2008.  This is after 12 years paralleling China’s GDP rates. Michael and his team recruited the Chief Rep / Director of Sales who is driving this remarkable growth.”

EVP Sales Asia Pacific
US Industrial Valve Manufacturer

The Challenge

Our client, a US manufacturer in the industrial space, had an unexpected change in its China management and was suddenly faced with the prospect of recruiting new top management for China; it became critical to identify, consider, interview and select a capable new China leader in the shortest time possible.  The Senior Area Sales Manager – North-East Asia, was tasked with finding a solution – urgently.   Here’s an excerpt from his email to us, which might sound familiar:


“I once again highlight this is a key position.  We need strong candidates, with firm long term commitments to develop our China business…” “…all our senior management globally are of course interested in our future expansion in the China market and want to know where we are heading….”“…what we do need above all is integrity and long term outlook… Please expedite.”

Our Solution

After a full briefing and within 7 days of actual contract signing, a shortlist of 4 candidates was presented; within 12 days of launch, the first round of candidate interviews was held.  Five weeks later, an offer was issued and accepted.  Today, the decision maker says of the candidate hired...

“Our new Sales Director is powering ahead and I hold great expectations she will really grow much more.  She is highly respected globally by all our senior management and has done well to integrate into the new role…for that I pass on my congratulations to you and your team.  You picked a great talent for the right role and at the right time of her career…I enjoy working with [name] everyday.  Her results are delivered as consistently as a Swiss watch.”

Candidate’s First Year Results


  • Increased China revenues by 92% in her 1st year [2007-2008] from USD 38 million to USD 73 million [by 44% in her second year, and cumulatively nearly tripling 2007 revenues in her third year, 2010, to USD 105 million]

  • Expanded product offering from one to two lines, and grew the second line’s revenue by 48% [2007-2008]

  • Increased market share for the second line from 25% to 35% in one year [2007-2008]

  • Expanded market segment coverage from oil & gas and power into hydrocarbon, power and nuclear [2007-2008]

  • Expanded the sales team from 16 to 37 people [2007-2008]

  • Restructured the sales team into power and non-power to better address customer and market demands

  • Expanded customer accounts by 20% within 12 months [2007-2008]


ROI  - Search Fee Return on Investment (1st year only)


  • Annual return on investment = 63,887%

  • Times recruitment fee was paid back in first year = 638

  • Payback period (straight line) = 2 hours 45 minutes, day 1 (around the time of her first coffee break)


“As a privately owned multinational company, detailed results cannot be published. As such, I would prefer for anyone interested in our experience with Michael and his team to call me directly to verify these claims and the performance that is featured here.”


Vice President Sales Asia Pacific

P.S.  Our placed candidate has continued to perform well and had, as of 2010, very nearly tripled 2007 revenues in China, adding tremendous and measurable real value, close to USD 100 million in total additional revenues.  She’s still with our client’s company 15 years later, adding value that now exceeds USD 1.2 billion in total revenue contributions.

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