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Is Your China Hiring a Tragedy in the Making?

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Here’s a prime reason your hiring can go bad in China…

For Western companies hiring in China, the language gap is big. But the cultural gap is even bigger. And nowhere does this affect your business more than when you’re trying to hire for a leadership role.

When hiring in China, you want an executive who is not only bi-lingual, but also bi-cultural.

Language gaffes can be frustrating. But a hidden divergence in values can really mess things up.

But... can a recruiter who has never lived outside of China make these kinds of assessments?

If, in effect, they see only the Chinese aspects of a candidate?

At lower levels, this lack of perspective may be something you decide you can live with, but at higher levels? Not without serious consequences.

What many don’t understand is that their tooth-grinding frustration with hiring in China is a consequence of choosing a recruiting firm that lacks bi-cultural savvy.

Every other problem is a downstream consequence. Bad candidates, poor English, ambition v. ethics questions, unverified and fabricated resumes, poor fit issues post-hire, etc. all stem from not getting that first decision right…

Confession: I’ve led a split life. My first 30 years, I grew up and worked in the US. And for the last 30 years, I’ve been living and working in China working towards becoming one of the top recruiters in China. I can see both aspects. And I can help you see both sides too.

If you might be hiring in China in the next 3-24 months, and you feel you could use insights that will help you hire 2-3x better, I’m happy to answer your questions, and arm you against the worst traps, and aim you towards much better outcomes.

Here’s why… I often find myself witnessing slow-motion tragedies-in-the-making. And if I can help you avoid one, I’d be thrilled.

Make sense?

Schedule a call.

Speak soon!


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