• Has hiring good people in China been tough for you?

  • Do you absolutely have to hit a hiring home run this time?

  • Do you need better hiring options in China?

  • Was your company's last hire in China a total dud?

  • Has your China hiring become a cause for nail biting?

  • Can you imagine the ROI impact a real "A Player" would deliver to you in China year-on-year?

Do You Struggle With Your Hiring in China? 

Dr. Andrew Rickman
Dr. Andrew Rickman, OBE
Chairman and CEO
Rockley Photonics

Michael and Palio exceeded my expectations by delivering an outstanding shortlist of absolutely first rate, global CTO talent, one of whom is now leading our JV in China.

I recommend Michael and Palio unreservedly.

Finally, a Recruiter With Skin in The Game

If you're a busy, overstretched CEO, you and your team can easily get swamped in China attempting to hire well. So we’ve evolved a Palio Framework that allows you to construct a compelling "opportunity package" that turns the heads of top 5-10% execs and intrigues them, so you can make strong hires, and grow your profits in China.

The Palio Framework is different because it takes recruiting in China from a hit-or-miss proposition to a certainty that you will hire tight-fit, “A Player” executives at the top of their game in their field or function. And we guarantee in writing that they will perform well.

So you can promise yourself this: No more duds.

Palio GUARANTEES you won't mis-hire...

  • If you are not happy with our service during the first 90 days of the search (the most active phase), we refund your money in total.

  • If your new-hire exec leaves for any reason within 3 years, we replace him/her free of charge.

  • If your new-hire executive doesn't score at least a 90% in Year One against a scorecard we construct together, we refund the fees you've paid us pro-rata.

Is this you?

You've lost faith in your hiring process in China. You’re frustrated with your current progress and feel stressed because you know you should be interviewing and hiring much better leaders.  You can’t really get your point across to your local search consultant, and you sense that what you're doing isn't going to get you the right people, the leaders you need.


You’re not alone.

Have you already suffered the consequences of the typical hiring process, and mis-hired a dud -- someone who never measured up, or ended up costing the company royally?

Again, you're not alone.

The good news is... a far far better alternative is now available... 

Tracey McKenzie

Tracey McKenzie

Vice President Human Resources

JLG Industries

The people The Palio Group brought in have added a tremendous amount of talent and capability to the JLG team in China and Asia, so — an outstanding job.


It is a whole different ball game for us now…the results are game changing for us.


  • We Don't Just Care About Hiring

  • We Care About You and Your Business Results

  •  21 Years in Search in China

  •  100s of Successes

  •  Clients Like You Rate Us 95%

  •  American Standards of Excellence

  •  Hand-crafted Recruiting Projects

We Care and We Take Care


Vlad Hermann
Vlad Hermann
Vehicle Access Systems Technology

With Michael and his team recruiting all of our senior management, our China business grew 40%, we cut admin by half, and our profits doubled.

  • Geoff Smart, in his book, Who, the A Method for Hiring, put a number to it -- USD 1.5 million is what he says it costs companies on average for each bad hire. And typically, and less than 50% of all hires are successful.

  • So, how happy are you with your last China hire?

  • How many opportunities have you missed because your China hiring process is producing 'B Players,' not 'A Players'?

  • How much management bandwidth have you expended on China because you don’t have the right people in place?

  • How many times have you asked yourself why you’re not getting the full picture from China?

  • How many times have you sat in an interview and wondered why you weren’t seeing better quality candidates?

  • Hiring in China shouldn’t be a shell game -- too often it is.

  • You and your western peers are being misled every day and you shouldn’t be.

  • You can change all that. 

  • Are you open to learning how?

How Much is Poor Hiring Really Costing You?

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Toni Bernards

Toni Bernards

CEO China


We are very happy with Palio. This was very impressive and a totally different approach (concept). It was enjoyable to work with such professionals.

Michael, thanks again for your great service. This is absolutely recommendable.