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A Unique Approach to Hiring Exceptional Executives in China

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Dr. Andrew Rickman
Dr. Andrew Rickman, OBE
Chairman and CEO
Rockley Photonics

Michael and Palio exceeded my expectations by delivering an outstanding shortlist of absolutely first rate, global CTO talent, one of whom is now leading our JV in China.

I recommend Michael and Palio unreservedly."


Client: Rockley Photonics - Silicon Photonics Transceivers

Rockley's China JV, a disruptive technology start-up, was focused on the datacenter space in China. They needed a strong CTO. We searched globally and recruited  a bilingual, bicultural, driven, technically expert, commercially savvy, customer-centric, silicon photonics PhD Chief Technology Officer to lead the JV. Four years later, that same CTO continues to lead the JV.

"Michael and Palio exceeded my expectations by delivering an outstanding shortlist of absolutely first rate, global CTO talent... I recommend Michael and Palio unreservedly."


Dr. Andrew Rickman, OBE

Chairman and CEO

Rockley Photonics                                                                        

Client: Honeywell Aerospace - Aerospace R&D

Honeywell Aerospace already had a sizable APAC R&D team. They wanted to double its size and were creating a new senior management team. We conducted a successful global search for a very capable senior aerospace R&D Director. In the nine years since, he has been promoted twice.

Client: Novanta / Cambridge Technology Inc - Industrial Lasers

CTI needed a turnaround. Its sales were not delivering. They re-organized and engaged Palio to recruit a National Sales Director to lead the China turnaround. We brought in a very effective NSD. China revenues were tripled in four years, from a modest base. 

"Great process, thorough search, very helpful…"

Holly De Nike

Director Human Resources

Cambridge Technology Inc

A Novanta company

"The best hire I've ever made in China, in my 15 years' experience there."

Brian Young



Client: Sachem Inc - High Purity Chemicals


Sachem's Wuxi plant is a key global facility, and contributes significantly to global revenues. We helped recruit a top 5-10% Site Director to lead this critical facility and supply chain node. An 18-year Dupont veteran, Master Black Belt, Master Dupont Safety System Trainer was selected.

Client: Battenfeld-Cincinnati - Extrusion Machinery

The client's long time CFO had resigned and they needed an immediate replacement CFO. We conducted an effective search for B-C. Our Client rated Palio 100 out of 100 for the service we provided.

"This was very impressive and a totally different approach (concept)."

Toni Bernards



Client: Vulcan Engineering - Foundry Automation Equipment

Vulcan had lost its Asia Sales Director and wanted to use the opportunity to hire a step-change ASD to drive growth for the company in the region. We helped them recruit an ASD from one of the biggest industry leaders in China - an MBA, Black Belt, and 16-year veteran of the foundry industry, was attracted from Northwest China and hired into the role.


Client: Dresser Italia - Industrial valves (now part of GE Oil & Gas)

This is one our biggest success stories. Dresser had parted ways with two men who had run the company for 11 years, with barely acceptable results. They consolidated the two roles into a single position, the Chief Representative / Sales Director, to drive growth for the company in the APAC region.


We recruited an 11-year veteran of the valve industry who was at a competitor. She took our Client's China business from near-stagnant status to hyper-growth. In her first three years, she grew the company from USD 38 million to USD 105 million and added an additional USD 100 million in revenues that the company otherwise would never have seen. 15 years later, she and her team are approaching the USD 2 billion threshold in total revenue contributions.

"I’ve seen our China business grow 92%... [in a single year]. Michael and his team recruited the Chief Rep / Director of Sales who is driving this remarkable growth.”

Eric Strecker

EVP Sales Asia Pacific
Dresser Italia


Client: Source Photonics - Telecoms Equipment

Source Photonics was undergoing a sea change in its manufacturing operations. A massive upgrade and transition to Lean. Palio recruited an Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Director. His task was to lead the Lean Six Sigma transformation of the Chengdu manufacturing operation, in support of the VP/GM China. Our Client said his impact on the organization has been profound.

Client: Source Photonics - Telecoms Equipment

Source was retooling and upgrading its entire manufacturing operations. We recruited a VP/GM who successfully led and transformed their 2,000-worker telecoms transceiver manufacturing operation into an agile, Lean organization.

"Michael and his team ran a thoughtful and efficient process to understand and respond to our needs, then presented very high quality candidates and followed through to hire. Very good. Standard rates, above-standard quality."

Doug Wright 

President & CEO

Source Photonics

Client: ECI-Metro Caterpillar Dealer - Heavy Equipment

ECI-Metro is one of four Caterpillar dealers in China. It had an outdated version of Cat's global system for managing parts. This was costing ECI-M signifcantly as parts were a major source of its profits. When Cat introduced version 7 of its global parts management system, ECI-Metro decided it had to scramble to catch up, and update its system from Version 1. They needed a very specific expert, someone steeped in Cat's proprietary parts systems, to lead the upgrade - and they were in a massive hurry! Within a month, Palio had recruited the world's foremost active practitioner from across the world to ECI-Metro in Chengdu. He successfully spearheaded the massive, 2-year upgrade project.

Client: Oerlikon Drive Systems - Transmissions & Engineering Services

Oerlikon designs and manufactures off-road gearboxes for major OEMs. We recruited a National Sales Director and an Operations Director for Oerlikon's China operation.


Client: Execujet - General Aviation Services

Execujet had established a general aviation, start-up, joint venture, Fixed-Base-Operator (FBO), in Tianjin. They needed a General Manager. FBOs are common in the west, but this was one of only a handful in China, in service to private and corporate jet owners flying in and out of the Beijing area. There was only one truly qualified GM in all of China, which we successfully recruited to Execujet. Ten years later, the GM is still running one of China's few FBOs.

Client: Somero Enterprises - Construction Equipment

Somero is a small successful maker of precision machinery for smoothing concrete. Their sales had  suddenly and mysteriously fallen in half. We recruited a General Manager Sales, the top Somero position in China, who succeeding in restoring growth momentum.

"Michael impressed us very much. The process of selection, the score card and the dynamics the company brings.Very professional, provides updates on a weekly basis, no surprises always keeps the team abreast of any changes in direction or thoughts. Stays close and understands both parties. Everything is clear and to the point."

Howard Hohmann

Exec. Vice Pres. Sales

Somero Enterprises

Client: Ross Controls - Hydraulic and Pneumatic Valves

Ross Controls is a small maker of pneumatic safety valves used in industry, whose growth in China had stalled. We recruited a Managing Director to revitalize the business and implement a new growth strategy in China.

Tracey McKenzie

Tracey McKenzie
Vice President Human Resources
JLG Industries

The people The Palio Group brought in have added a tremendous amount of talent and capability to the JLG team in China and Asia, so — an outstanding job.


It is a whole different ball game for us now…the results are game changing for us.


  • We Don't Just Care About Hiring

  • We Care About You and Our Impact On Your Business Results

  •  25 Years Senior Executive Search in China & APAC

  •  100s of Successful Senior Hires

  •  Our Clients Rate Us 95%

  •  Western Standards of Excellence

  •  Hand-crafted, Rigorous Searches

  • Number of Searches Limited for Quality

We Care and We Take Care

Vlad Hermann
Vlad Hermann
Vehicle Access Systems Technology

With Michael and his team recruiting all of our senior management, our China business grew 40%, we cut admin by half, and our profits doubled.

  • Geoff Smart, in his book, Who, the A Method for Hiring, put a number to it -- USD 1.5 million is what he says it costs companies on average for each bad hire - more than you would have thought. AND he says, his polling shows that less than 50% of all hires are truly successful.

  • Our clients have brought up the questions again and again in our conversations with them. You might find some of them familiar.

  • So, how long have you put off hiring in China / APAC due to Covid and the requirement to hire remotely?

  • How many opportunities have you missed because your China / APAC hiring process is producing 'B Players,' not 'A Players'?

  • How much management bandwidth have you expended on China and the APAC region because you don’t have the right people in place?

  • How many times have you asked yourself if you’re not getting the full picture from APAC and especially China, and then, why not?

  • How many times have you sat in an interview and wondered why you weren’t seeing better quality candidates?

  • Hiring in China and APAC shouldn’t be a shell game -- too often it is.

  • Overseas clients are being misled every day and shouldn’t be.

  • You can change all that. ​

  • There are companies in China and APAC like yours hiring exceptional executives every month using our proven system, and sleeping soundly at night.

  • Schedule a call now to learn how we can help you to some of the same.

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Toni Bernards

Toni Bernards
CEO China

We are very happy with Palio. This was very impressive and a totally different approach (concept). It was enjoyable to work with such professionals.

Michael, thanks again for your great service. This is absolutely recommendable.

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