Helping SMEs Grow in China & Asia

The Palio Group is an independent executive search firm in China, with its principal office in Beijing.  Our team, a mix of Western and Chinese nationals, is focused exclusively on assisting our ideal clients recruit high-impact, high-performance, ‘A Players’ in China.  We are focused exclusively on mid-sized, North American and Northern European industrial manufacturing companies with operations in China and ambitious profit and growth targets.  We believe passionately that the key ingredient for success in China is leadership; all other factors pale in comparison.  Nothing else provides the leverage in business that outstanding leadership does, and nowhere is the multiplier effect of leadership as great as it is in the wildly-morphing business arena that exists in China today.

To rephrase a Steve Jobs quote,

“In most businesses, the difference between average and good is at best 2 to 1, right?  But in China, it’s at least 25 to 1. The difference between average and great is at least that.  The secret of my success is hiring the best.  And when you’re in a field where the dynamic range is 25 to 1, boy, does it pay off.”

We replaced the word, “software” with “China” but you get the idea.  Looking for proof?  Ask any senior executive in China who has gotten this wrong, or better yet, listen to some say who have enjoyed the massive benefits of getting this right.

What Our Clients Say

“To give you an idea of the benefits we achieved through close cooperation with Michael and his team over the past four years recruiting all of our senior management, last year, our China business grew by almost 40%.  We were able to reduce administrative staff by almost 50%, and our profitability doubled.  I think that speaks for itself.” 

Vlad Hermann
VAST Alliance LLC

“The people The Palio Group brought in have just added a tremendous amount of talent and capability to the JLG team in China and Asia, so — an outstanding job. It is a whole different ball game for us now…the results are game changing for us.”

Tracey L McKenzie
Vice President Human Resources
JLG Industries, Inc

It is pretty evident that great leadership translates very quickly into superior performance and business results.  For those that recognize the tremendous leverage such leadership brings to their China businesses, the choice is an obvious one – make sure your company is led by the best of the best.  That’s where we come in…