“Great process, thorough search, very helpful… In my opinion, Palio did a very thorough search and presented several viable candidates. Michael also helped us navigate the cultural differences in the process and labor market as well…drove the process and kept us on track.”

[Holly rated Palio’s service 95 out of 100.]

Holly De Nike
Director Human Resources
Cambridge Technology Inc



“Michael and his team ran a thoughtful and efficient process to understand and respond to our needs, then presented very high quality candidates and followed through to hire. Very good. Standard rates, above-standard quality.”

[Doug rated Palio’s service 95 out of 100.]

Doug Wright
President & CEO
Source Photonics



“Very solid process, good understanding of our needs, a 3-year plan to be paid on employees results.”

[Jack rated Palio’s service 100 out of 100 to-date] (the new-hire exec had not yet started with the company – final rating to be updated here)

Jack Cooney
Somero Enterprises



“Michael impressed us very much. The process of selection, the score card and the dynamics the company brings. We knew he would find the right person, we just didn’t know how long it would take based on past experience.

Very professional, provides updates on a weekly basis, no surprises always keeps the team abreast of any changes in direction or thoughts. Stays close and understands both parties. Everything is clear and to the point

There was never a time where I thought Palio was not doing their job and that we had made the wrong decision to hire.”

[Howard rated Palio’ service 100 out of 100.]

Howard Hohmann
Executive Vice President Sales
Somero Enterprises



“After our CFO left our company in July 2016 we needed to find a suitable successor for this position. Certain preconditions for the specification of suitable candidates were a MUST.

At the beginning we had our doubts about the value-for-money. Especially because the initial offer from Palio was certainly more expensive than most HR service providers in China. But the intensity, quality and final success showed that “You get what you pay for” is still valid. The value for money was very good.

Though we provided as usual a JD for the position, Palio went in discussions with us much deeper into the requirements of suitable candidates. They also checked us as a company regarding performance but also company philosophy. During the time to find suitable candidates we received from Palio weekly activity reports in writing and also phone conferences.

Yes, we were, and we are, very happy with the services received from Palio. This was very impressive and a totally transparent and different approach (concept). Looking forward to do business with Palio again. It was enjoyable and nice to work with such great professionals.

Michael thanks again for your great service. This is absolutely recommendable.”

[Toni rated Palio’s service 100 out of 100.]

Toni Bernards



“Michael and I met more than 6 years ago, when he approached me for a CFO position. He was responsible for my taking up that position, where I have remained for the last 7 years, and where I was able to make substantial contributions to the company.

Michael is the one of the most intelligent, thorough, results-oriented people I have ever worked with. During our initial meetings, he conducted a comprehensive, all-encompassing, structured interview process, and came to know me as no other recruiter ever has.

He did this in a very professional, friendly, and relaxed manner, while documenting my career ambitions, motivation for joining and leaving various companies, my major professional achievements, all the major relationships and milestones in my life, and more.

I felt respected, understood, and accurately and empathetically represented as a candidate, as a person — more so than ever before or since.

Michael took great pains to ensure that, first, he understood his client’s business situation and requirements/needs for the role we discussed. He articulated these to me in detail while exploring and ensuring that his client, the position, and made an excellent fit, and that my own career objectives were completely satisfied. I think without this I would not have joined or stayed for so long.

In addition to his strong search process knowledge and skillset, Michael also has been in China/Asia for such a long time that he has a natural feel and unusual sense for what shapes the business environment here, and for managing the special circumstances of senior level intercultural searches. I trust him completely.”

Chunhong Wang
Chief Financial Officer
WesTrac China



“Michael recruited me to a company with …barely any revenues in a very tough competitive market…ranked last amongst its industry rivals in China. It has taken…7 years, I have taken the company from near-zero to Euro 45 million in annual revenues, and from last to first place in industry rankings in China. I think this speaks volumes for what is possible with Michael’s quality approach to executive recruitment.”

Ben Xia
Managing Director North Asia
European Airport Systems Company



“I have had the pleasure to work with Mike for almost 5 years. We started to recruit Senior Executives to work at our company in China at all functional levels back in 2006. Right from the start, Mike has been a trustworthy, reliable and professional. His knowledge of the Chinese market and how the Chinese think proved to be extremely valuable in our efforts to recruit suitable talent. Mike went far beyond our contractual agreements to satisfy our needs when we needed it most, during very difficult and adversarial conditions.

Thank’s to Mike’s support, we managed to restructure and build a very capable executive team, one which has grown our business in China, and communicated and cooperated on business needs with our global entities in Asia, North America and Europe. I would not hesitate to recommend Mike and his team at Palio to anyone requiring top quality, dependable and value-for-money management recruitment services.”

Vlad Hermann
VAST Alliance LLC



“The Palio Group is innovative, very flexible, and have a very open approach to partnering with businesses. They worked with JLG to help us define certain roles and approaches that differentiate us in the market place. The results of our work together with The Palio Group have been excellent; Michael and Stephen have helped us recruit the senior leadership for China, and for Asia.

I’ve worked with Michael for some time now – and I thoroughly recommend him. Specifically he is someone you should talk to if you are having trouble attracting leadership talent in China – he makes what is otherwise challenging and confusing, straightforward and successful.

The people The Palio Group brought in have just added a tremendous amount of talent and capability to the JLG team in China and Asia, so — an outstanding job. It is a whole different ball game for us now. We have the level of experience and caliber of people that are leading us to even greater success in this region, so the results are game changing for us.”

Tracey L McKenzie
Vice President Human Resources
JLG Industries, Inc



“You and your organization were very easy to work with, even across the many miles that separated us! It was easier to work with you than with one of the U.S.-based search firms I am currently partnering with… The quality of candidates was exceptional — we could have hired any of them and had a competent…leader.”

Camille K Kovach
Director of Human Resources
Nuclear Power Plants
Westinghouse Electric Company